Cold storage for my thoughts on, and experiences of, the process of making a game.

To expand, I’m a guy making a game [1]. It’s about spaceships and guns and bang bang bang and whooosh and foooom. I imagine the only reason you’d be here is if you like that stuff – so I’m assuming I had you at spaceships and guns, and that the onomatopoeias were just icing on a cake made of stars and newtonian physics and awesome multiplayer dogfights where you’re like OH MY GOD DID THAT JUST HAPPEN and the game is like YEAH YOU’RE TOTALLY BADASS and you’re like WOOOOOOOOOAH [2]. Check out the GAME page for more info on that. I’m making it in Unity [3], which I am thus far finding to be pretty excellent in most ways (but not all, which I’ll talk about).

Generally my aim is to talk about progress on features and stuff, with stuff on the interesting parts of the concepts and techniques I’m using to implement those features. It’ll be technical up to a point, but most of it should be readable by anyone. I’ll try to keep really nitty-gritty stuff to a plethora of footnotes [4].

What this blog is not

I’m not trying to provide tutorials.  That in mind, I’m also loathe to put reams of code in posts. I’ll talk about high-level til you threaten to come round my house and cut my mouth off, but as far as possible I’d rather keep it readable.

I’m also painfully aware of the wealth of shite or straight-up harmfully wrong tutorials out there, and rather than add to the noise I may now and then link to tuts I think are good [5]. It’s a minefield, so perhaps I can help by pointing you toward a safe path [6].

Also, while I don’t aim to offend, I’m not in a rush to moderate my language. I’m from the UK and, by heck, we just don’t give a goshdarn about that kind of stuff. We’ve got far more important things to think about [7].

Finally, I also ANAL in any way [8].

[Less-clever-than-I-think-it-is play on the word “footnotes”]

[1] Aren’t we all, metaphorically? No.
[2] If you don’t like that stuff, you’ll probably find the cake is made of pencil shavings and rabbit poo and other things which may look like food from a distance but you’d regret going so far as to test if they actually are with your mouth. The icing is still made of bang bang bang and whoooosh and foooom though, that bit’s not subjective.
[3] I’m currently using the free version, which is great for what it is, but in the near future I’ll be upgrading to the $1500 Pro version.
[4] You may have already noticed that there will be other non-technical tangential bollocks in the footnotes too. I don’t want to break up your reading of the posts too much, but you might be interested in what my brain is trying to avoid typing at certain times.
[5] I absolutely reserve the right to change my mind and make one or more tutorials if the mood takes me.
[6] which may be safe because I’ve already set off those mines and blown my toes off.
[7] like tea, cricket, how best to drink tea while watching cricket, treading on the dreams of the poor and genuinely thinking immigrants are the cause of everything the government has fucked us over on. Oooh, politics, I’m so edgy. Srsly tho, wtf u guyz
[8] As in, I Am Not A Lawyer. Completely irrelevant, but I wanted to insert (or slip or ram if you prefer) a joke about t3h buttsecks in there.

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